SAHA Research and Advocacy - 2006

The following articles, chapters and / or presentations were written or presented in 2006 by current or past SAHA staff members, reflecting on SAHA research, programme activities and advocacy agendas.

Kate Allan

Presentation: Consultative meeting on the Privacy and Data Protection Bill, South African Law Review Commission (SALRC) Indaba Hotel, Johannesburg, February

Presentation: 10 year retrospective, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Conference, Cape Town, March

Presentation: Privacy and Data Protection Teleconference, Wits Law School / Mandela Institute / SAHA, May

Workshop: Privacy and Data Protection Workshop, Nelson Mandela Foundation, May

Panelist: South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) Forum on Protection of Access to Inforation Act (PAIA), May

Presentation: Australian Volunteers International Conference, Lesotho, August

Presentation: Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC) Seminar, Irish Information Commissioner, September

Presentation: 'Protection of Access to Information Act,' Freedom of Expression Institute / Social Movements Indaba Workshop on Freedom of Expression, September

Presentation: 'Zimbabwe case: SAHA v. Department of Defence,' ODAC Litigation meeting, September

Presentation: (with Sello Hatang, SAHRC) 'Access to information and its importance in furthering social justice,' Access to Information Programme for Economic Justice (ATIPEJ), Freedom of Expression Institute, September

Presentation: (with Piers Pigou, SAHA) 'Access to Information and Transitional Justice,' International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) Fellows Programme, September

Workshop: (with Richard Calland of ODAC) Investigative Journalism Workshop, Wits School of Journalism, October


Piers Pigou

Article: 'There are more truths to be uncovered before we can achieve reconciliation'. Sunday Independent - 23/04/2006

Article: 'Third force allegations not unfounded'. The Citizen, 19/05/2006

Article: 'FW De Klerk's selective culpability is neither open nor honest.' Sunday Independent, 05/07/2006 (with Terry Bell)


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