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ASINAMALI! Organising in the 1950s

Theme: Early mineworkers' struggles

Call Number: M8.10.1_p1
Identifier: AL2457_M8.10.1_p1
Title: ASINAMALI! Organising in the 1950s
Subject: ASINAMALI! Organising in the 1950s
Hlanganani Basebenzi;
Trade unions;
Description: This is the front cover of the booklet, titled 'ASINAMALI! Organising in the 1950s'. Date unknown. The cover was digitised by SAHA in 2012. SAHA virtual exhibition - 'Hlanganani Basebenzi: Commemorating South Africa's Labour Movement'.
Type: Booklet
Format: Access copy - pdf
Preservation copy - tiff
Source: SAHA collection AL2457
Language: English
Coverage: South Africa
Rights: User restrictions may apply. See SAHA copyright statement.
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