SAHA reflects on some remarkable historical events this week
The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) turned 16 in 2016, a crown birthday of sorts, but should it wear a crown of gold and silver or a jokers hat? The 2016/17 statistics gathered by the Access to Information Network (ATI Network) show that it
Heritage Day offers an opportunity for reflection both in the way which we remember and commemorate the past but also in the way we choose to activate and cultivate historical memory.
SAHA launches resources for local community activists and local government officials alike to help forward the right of access to information at the local level.
SAHA reflects briefly on the contributions of the late Emeritus Professor Philip Bonner to South African history generally and his contributions to the work of SAHA in particular.
In order to exercise your right to protest you will need to know the contact details of the responsible person and authorised member of your locality. SAHA can assist!
SFJP features the Open Secrets collection which has recently been deposited with SAHA.
List of significant events in African history.