A PAIA request was submitted to the Department of Correctional Services around their use of equipment in detaining prisoners.
The new interns reflect on their first week on the job as part of the Freedom of Information Programme.
Practical online tool from South African History Archive supports freedom of information rights by providing easy access to contact details and compliance statistics of information holders
An intern reflects on the representation of minority archives within the South African archival space, while questioning the role of the archive in South Africa.
SAHA reflects on the final workshops presented to community activists and municipal officials as part of our Local Government Capacity Building Project.
The archival staff showcases the several ways it ensures that South Africa's heritage reaches far and beyond the confines of its archive.
An intern questions whether calling heritage day 'braai day' does not lead to erasure of histories and culture. Heritage day was envisaged as a day for all South Africans to celebrate their cultural heritage.
SAHA marked Heritage Month in Durban this year with the launch of the commemorative print edition of Julie Frederikse's "The Unbreakable Thread" at Durban's iconic Ike's Books & Collectables
Ike's Books in Durban hosts the launch of Julie Frederikse's book, The Unbreakable Thread. The book traces the origins, development, and resilience of the ideological tradition of non-racialism in South Africa.
The local government elections on 3 August 2016 were barely concluded when SAHA's archival interns invaded Braamfontein and surrounds to collect election posters from lamp poles for the archives. Read about their experience and what they observed.