SAHA takes a closer look at Africa day, a day set aside by the African Union to celebrate all that makes us unique and binds us together as Africans.
In this technology age, FOIP has recognised that it is vital to ensure that information is available in easily accessible formats. To that end, at the beginning of the year, SAHA embarked on a journey to make the FOIP website mobile friendly.
A poetry speaks of experiences in a way that is very tangible. Detention was a reality for many who were part of the struggle against apartheid.
This selection of election posters comes from the SAHA poster collection AL2446, reminding us of the 1st democratic elections on the 27 April 1994.
Braille is progressively showing up everywhere and visually impaired or blind members of our community who read braille are more empowered to live fully independent lives. In the past, sadly many expected blind and visually impaired individuals to be full
The national bus strike this week just before May Day gives opportunity to consider some of the history of labour unions in South Africa.