The archive plays a part in keeping memory alive. It also allows for in the future of a public icon be more realistically portrayed rather than the icon.
Issues of copyright are integral to use of images within the archival sector. Sam Nzima represents the struggle between the creator of an object and ownership of that object. How does one navigate a heritage object and its copyright?
As we approach the halfway mark in our first year of free tertiary education, SAHA reflects on the long history of struggle and sacrifice by our nations youth activists in achieving equal education.  
Years after the end of the mass #FessMustFall protests, many of the student activists find themselves trapped in the criminal legal system. There is a need for justice to prevail, restorative justice that considers the greater needs of society, by ensurin
SAHA takes a closer look at Africa day, a day set aside by the African Union to celebrate all that makes us unique and binds us together as Africans.
As the AU members convene in Addis-Ababa to discuss continental strategies to fight corruption, FOIP reflects on how PAIA can help assist in the same fight.
In this technology age, FOIP has recognised that it is vital to ensure that information is available in easily accessible formats. To that end, at the beginning of the year, SAHA embarked on a journey to make the FOIP website mobile friendly.