FOIP Internship
12 September 2018
As South Africa celebrates women’s month this August SAHA looks back on the valuable yet undervalued contributions by women during the armed struggle.
This womens' month, SAHA sheds more light on the sad state of womens' mental health in South Africa and how both the public and government can be of more help.
This year during Women’s Month we commemorate Dorothy Nyembe, one of the struggle heroes who relatively little is written about. She was the female activist with the longest serving prison sentence who spent a total of 18 years in prison.
18 July 2018 marks the centenary of the birth of the late Nelson Mandela.
The archive plays a part in keeping memory alive. It also allows for in the future of a public icon be more realistically portrayed rather than the icon.
Issues of copyright are integral to use of images within the archival sector. Sam Nzima represents the struggle between the creator of an object and ownership of that object. How does one navigate a heritage object and its copyright?
As we approach the halfway mark in our first year of free tertiary education, SAHA reflects on the long history of struggle and sacrifice by our nations youth activists in achieving equal education.