#UDF poster from December 1988 rally - Unite for Human Rights

The SAHA offices will be closed for the festive season from Friday 12 December 2014 until Monday 5 January 2015.

On 22 November, SAHA hosted a pilot workshop for educators using the story of the SS Mendi as a starting point to explore the complexities of teaching (about) war in the classroom.
The archival team reflects on two of the biggest highlights - the implementation of the new archival internship programme and the team’s contribution to the Shifty Records Archive Project.
After a protracted six year battle between the Mail & Guardian and the Presidency the Khampepe Report was finally released.
The release of the Khampepe Report elicited various reactions and responses.
SAHA announces the release of new guides: "Accessing information for better basic education" & "Activating PAIA for Advocacy"
This gallery commemorates International Human Rights Day. Which is celebrated around the world on the 10 December. The theme for 2014 is Human Rights 365 encompassing the idea that every day is human rights day.
Over the last month, SAHA has supported a collaborative series of events on 100 years of war, genocide and mass violence.
The South Gauteng High Court has given the Ministry of Police 30 days to release a public list of National Key Points to SAHA and R2K.
On Monday 24 November 2014, the South Gauteng High Court will hear why the public should have access to a list of National Key Points.
Nancy Nkoko is the FOIP intern at SAHA and she has been reading the Centre for Environmental Rights' Report titled Money Talks:Commerical Interests and Transparency in Environmental Governance.