14 March 2007

Public Conversations Presents a New Lecture Series:

Speaker no. 1: Ngugi wa Thiong'o
‘Globalisation and African Leadership: Readings from Wizard of the Crow'

This lecture is the first in a new series initiated by Dr Xolela Mangcu, Visiting Fellow of The Constitution of Public Intellectual Life Research Project, titled, Which Way Next? Conversations on African Leadership. This is the most important public topic of our times - who shall govern us in the years to come?

Ngugi's thinking is key to an understanding of the debates about leadership in Africa. His lecture on globalisation and African leadership carries forward this conversation and will give South Africans the opportunity to engage Ngugi on his latest work Wizard of the Crow.

6: 30pm
15 March 2007
Great Hall, University of the Witwatersrand

Contact: Lenore Longwe
Tel: (011) 7174674
Email: Lenore.Longwe@wits.ac.za