30 October 2007

SAHA Change of Staff

SAHA is pleased to announce the employment of a new staff member, Charlotte Young, who will be working as a Research and Outreach Officer in the Freedom of Information Programme. Charlotte will be primarily responsible for the establishment of new projects with civil society organizations working on a range of contemporary struggles for justice in South Africa. She will also be responsible for providing training on the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000.

Charlotte Young has been working in human rights and policy development for the past six years. Her career has thus far included working with the New Zealand Human Rights Commission, the Queensland Legislative Assembly and International Collaborations, the Office for Women and Disability Services in the Queensland Government, and Amnesty International. Charlotte attained a Master of Political Science in International and European Politics at the University of Edinburgh (having completed her BA Honors degree). Her Thesis considered differing forms of transitional justice with a particular focus on the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

I am also sad to announce my departure as the Freedom of Information Programme Coordinator. My position will be filled by Florencia Belvedere in a holding capacity until further notice. Florencia is an independent researcher and activist with a focus on socio-economic rights, social justice and the politics of refugees and migrants. She is from Argentina, has a PhD in politics from the University of Minnesota (US) and has lived in South Africa for the past ten years. During this time, she has worked for CASE, a South African social research NGO, Lawyers for Human Rights and the Anti-Privatisation Forum (an umbrella organisation that groups community-based organisations that struggle for access to basic services in Gauteng).

Florencia will commence in January. Until then, if you have any queries regarding the Programme please continue to email foip@saha.org.za, or contact Piers Pigou at director@saha.org.za.

I can be contacted after 31 October at allan.kt@gmail.com.

Kate Allan