09 February 2008

FOIP moves into outreach in 2008

While the Freedom of Information Programme (FOIP) at SAHA will continue to work on existing projects and offer support and advice to individuals and organizations in all areas of the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA), it is expected that FOIP will move in a new direction towards more outreach work through the commencement of FOIP Capacity Building Project in 2008.

Developed in response to a SAHA-commissioned feasibility study carried out in July 2007 by Dr Florencia Belvedere, this pilot project will form the initial stage of a large project dedicated to building the capacity of the community-based sector in terms of accessing and utilising PAIA as a strategic advocacy tool.

For further information about this pilot project, please contact:

Charlotte Young
Research and Outreach Officer
Freedom of Information Programme
t +27 11 717 1941
f +27 11 717 1964
e foip@saha.org.za