23 June 2008

Exhibition of SAHA DVD about John Vorster Square at Constitution Hill

Launched on 23 June 2008 at Number 4, Constitution Hill, this exhibition profiles a new interactive DVD about John Vorster Square, the most notorious police station in apartheid South Africa which was opened forty years ago in August 1968.

Commissioned by SAHA as part of the Sunday Times Heritage Project and produced by Doxa Productions, Between Life and Death: stories from John Vorster Square features riveting stories from former detainees and security police officers at John Vorster Square, brought to life through video footage, exclusive recorded testimonies and an extensive collection of archival documents.

The development of this interactive DVD was made available by the generous support of The Atlantic Philanthropies. The exhibition will be open to the public at Constitution Hill until the end of July 2008.

Date: 23 June - 31 July 2008
Venue: Number Four
1 Kotze Street, Braamfontein
Tel: +27(0)11 381 3100