29 May 2009

Daughters come to SAHA for a day

As part of a Job Shadowing project for Life Orientation class, the daughters of SAHA's administrator, Olga Pickover, came to SAHA for the day in May 2009. Layla Pickover worked with the archival team for the day whilst Natasha Pickover shadowed the Project Manager for the Freedom of Information Programme, Charlotte Young.

The girls spent the day interviewing and working with the employees. They were happy to explain to them what SAHA is about and how the organisation works.

"It has been quite an experience learning about all the different aspects of the working world, especially at SAHA, knowing that it is a Non-Government Organization (NGO). I really have enjoyed this experience and would like to come back soon! But next time, it won't be for a school project." Natasha commented.

"It has been very interesting, I have learned a lot from just looking at very old posters and going through history! People say ‘working is the pits' but in my point of view it's kind of fun and I really enjoyed working here for a day. It was totally awesome! The employees are great, yet professional. I couldn't have asked for anything better so I just want to say thanks guys, you rock!", said a satisfied Layla.

Written by Layla and Natasha Pickover