11 May 2010

The John Harris Collection (AL3273)

The John Harris Collection consists of the trial records, police docket, prison file and newspaper clippings relating to the arrest, conviction and execution of (Frederick) John Harris, the only white person to be executed for a politically inspired offence in apartheid South Africa. John Harris was a member of the African Resistance Movement (ARM), formed with the aim of overthrowing the apartheid government in South Africa. After ARM was dismantled in 1964 by the apartheid government and most of its members were jailed or fled the country, Harris decided to stage a demonstration by placing a bomb at the Johannesburg station on 24 July 1964. He contacted the police to clear the area, but because of their negligence, the bomb went off. An elderly lady lost her life and a dozen others were injured. John Harris was arrested that same day and was executed on 1 April 1965.

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