25 November 2010

Campaign against abuse: 16 Days of Activism

Originally started by the United Nations (UN), the global '16 Days of Activism: No Violence Against WEngakhali ifela embelekweni: Breaking the silence, Women Speak Magazine, AL2446_0033omen' campaign has gained international renown, and in South Africa, its focus has been expanded to campaign against child abuse. The aim is to raise awareness of the negative implications of abuse, and to change South Africa's inordinately prominent violent culture, which has manifested itself in the continued abuse of vulnerable persons such as women and children.

The campaign runs from 25 November until 10 December, which is International Human Rights Day. It poses a serious challenge to men and boys, often the perpetrators of such violence, to affect change in their lives, homes, communities and workplaces. It also provides a platform for survivors of rape and gender-based violence to reveal the trauma they have experienced, and with which they continue to live.

Gender based violence runs counter to the fundamental human rights enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa, robbing victims of their dignity, and their right to be safe and protected.

The South African History Archive (SAHA), in line with its goals of fostering a culture of human rights through accessing the voices of those most marginalised within South African society, supports the global initiative of activism against violent crime toward women and children.

The posters featured here are stored in the SAHA Poster Collection (AL2446), reflecting our focus on remembering the past and present struggles against violence toward women and children.


'A 9 month old baby killed in Boipatong. Why?' A hand painted poster in black and red created by the Ad Hoc Organising Committee, University of the Witwatersrand, September 1992, AL2446_1979

A poster issued by the South African Council of Churches (SACC Home & Family Life Department), SAHA Collection, AL2446_2172