24 September 2011

The Sunday Times Heritage Project online museum relaunched

Sunday Times Heritage Project websiteTo mark its 100th year of publication in 2006, the Sunday Times embarked on a project to erect a trail of memorials across South Africa to commemorate some of the remarkable people and events that made history from 1906 - 2006.

As part of the project, the South African History Archive (SAHA) sourced and developed content for an online museum, using photographs, press clippings, drawings, letters from the archives, along with audio and video, to showcase these memorials.

From Olive Schreiner’s fight for women’s rights to Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s leadership of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, unforgettable stories from Cape Town’s Purple March on 2 September 1989 to the infamous history of John Vorster Square, this project honours ordinary and extraordinary people and events and underscores the potential of archive to colour our insights into aspects of South Africa’s remarkable history.

To mark Heritage Day 2011, SAHA has now relaunched this platform, aimed at popularising the use of web-based archival resources and making our heritage more accessible to learners, educators, researchers, academics and history enthusiasts, both within South Africa, and abroad.

The site includes geographical information, and panoramic photographs to enable users to explore each memorial site remotely, and lesson plans are provided for each memorial in order to enable educators to bring these memorials to live in the classroom.