21 March 2012

SAHA assists Rysmierbult community members with reclaiming their land

Members of the Rysmierbult community members at the meeting held on March 19The community of Rysmierbult has since the release of their land to Bangweketsi Boo Rra Motingoe Community Trust, battled to get proper land allocations and benefits from their land. The land in question was released to the Trust in 2006 and yet the community remains poor and destitute.

On March 19, SAHA visited residents of Rysmierbult near Carltonville, in the North West. The aim of the visit was to disseminate information released under the Promotion of Access to Infomation Act (PAIA).

According to Stephen, a community development worker who approached SAHA for assistance, "beneficiaries on the Trust list are not the rightful owners of the land". He states that the rightful beneficiaries are still living in squalor whilst the families who have been entrusted with the land are reaping benefits from the land.

In materials released by Mogale City Municipality to SAHA, title deeds indicate that the land does belong to the community trust of Rysmierbult. From the Trust, SAHA has received information detailing trustees and beneficiaries. However, after presenting information received, the community learned that they needed more details to further their case.

The non-provision of some material by both the municipality and Trust has left the community fuming and distrustful of the people who are supposed to be administering the land on their behalf. The community have been left with more questions that need answers. Among some of the answers they need from the Trust are; When will they receive the promises made to them by the trust administrators? How were the beneficiaries selected? How much money have the Trusts made? And how has that money been used?

The community of Rysmierbult has asked SAHA to submit further request on their behalf.


For more information contact the Freedom of Information Programme.