09 April 2013

Correctional Services release detailed documents on corruption

Since reporting on its efforts to understand mechanisms including but not limited to policies, process and procedures, National departments have in place, the Department of Correctional Services has released detailed records on how they combat corruption.

SAHA has been working to find out how government departments prevent, investigate and discipline cases of corruption and conflicts of interest among their own employees. Since October 2012, SAHA has made fifteen PAIA requests to eleven departments for information about:

1) Policies and procedures on preventing, investigating, and disciplining corruption and conflicts of interest, and;

2) Specific occurrences and investigations of corruption and conflicts and interest over the past five years.


The department has since released materials to our PAIA request (SAH-2012-DCS-0004) and released the following documents which are available in our archives.

1.       Policy document that describes the measures in place to combat corruption. It details various methods such as internal auditing, performance auditing, and inspections as prescribed by Correctional Services Act 111 of 1998. (B01.8.4.1)

2.       Anti-corruption policy the department id enforcing. (B01.8.4.2)

3.       Whistleblower policy. (B01.8.4.3)

4.       Conflict of interest policy and procedures. (B01.8.4.4)

5.       Supply chain policy. (B01.8.4.5)

6.       Cases of corruption that have been investigated from 2005 to 2012. (B01.8.4.6)

7.       Cases of conflict of interest that have been uncovered and investigated from 2005 to 2012. (B01.8.4.7)


For more information contact SAHA's Freedom of Information Programme.