30 August 2013

Learning how women hold up half the sky - school workshops at Constitution Hill

Women's Month School WorkshopIn an initiative to educate the next generation about the importance of Women's Day, the education team at Constitution Hill ran workshops throughout August with primary and high school students, using the SAHA exhibition kit, ‘Women Hold Up Half the Sky: Commemorating Women in the Struggle'

The exhibition kit, which provides a look into decades of women's resistance to apartheid, is now accompanied by a new EXHIBITIONS IN THE CLASSROOM guide for educators, especially developed for Women's Day 2013, to stimulate educational programmes such as these.

Many of the students and teachers found the exhibition thought-provoking and highly educational. Some learners admitted to not knowing much about why there's a need for South Africans to celebrate and honour women. To some, Women's Day had previously just been another public holiday in the SA calendar.

With these workshops, students were able to learn about the significant contribution made by the women of South Africa in the struggle for freedom and against gender-based discrimination.

Lindiwe Sibanda, a teacher from Whitestone College, said the workshop was going to benefit her learners immensely since it was in line with the curriculum.

"Now they will have a better understanding about the role of women in the struggle and the significance of Women's Month," said Lindiwe.

Women's Month School WorkshopThe workshop touched on the various ways in which women contributed to the struggle against apartheid, explored the rights achieved to date, and those considered those struggles still facing many women and girls today.

A total of 476 learners from both primary and secondary schools took part in the programme that had students participating in fun-filled activities in the SAHA courtyard and adjacent meeting room.

"We would like to thank SAHA for allowing us to use the ‘Women Hold Up Half the Sky' exhibition to run the Women's Month School Workshops. It was a great success," said Lerato Sefume of Constitution Hill.

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