01 May 2016

INVITATION: Launch of Fordsburg Fighter

INVITATION: Launch of face2face books, in conjunction with SAHA and Constitution Hill, invites you to the launch of "Fordsburg Fighter: the journey of an MK volunteer", by Amin Cajee, with Terry Bell. Amin Cajee will be in conversation with Mavuso Msimang. 

DATE: Wednesday 25 May

TIME: 17h30 for 18h00

RSVP: By email to info@cover2cover.co.za



When Amin Cajee left South Africa to join the liberation struggle he believed he had volunteered to serve a democratic movement dedicated to bringing down an oppressive and racist regime. Instead, he writes, in this powerful and courageous memoir,

"I found myself serving a movement that was relentless in exercising power and riddled with corruption."

"Fordsburg Fighter" traces an extraordinary physical journey - from home in South Africa, to training in Czechoslovakia and the ANC's Kongwa camp in Tanzania to England.

The book is both a significant contribution to opening up the hidden history of exile, and a documentation of Cajee's emotional odyssey from idealism to disillusionment.

In his introduction to the book, Paul Joseph, ex-treason trialist, South African Communist Party member and MK recruiter, writes:

"What happened to them and to the others in that chaotic and confused time is both sad and tragic. But his honestly told story is essential for us to have a fuller picture of our history, if only to ensure, perhaps, that future generations will learn from our mistakes."

Text from face2face website