28 August 2017

This Week On The Continent

28 August 1919: General John Smuts becomes premier of South Africa

29 August 1987: Federation of South African Women in Western Cape Region was launched. This federation was made up of women profession such as teachers, nurses, and unionists.

30 August 1943: Famous South African playwright John Kani was born in New Brighton, Eastern Cape.

31 August 2012: Anti-apartheid activist Sister Bernard Ncube, who was a practicing Roman Catholic nun and also recruited into the anti-apartheid struggle by Albertina Sisulu, died at the age of 80.

01 September 1999: The South African Competition Act 89 of 1998), which aimed at the elimination anti-competition practices, came into effect.

02 September 2012: A decades-long ban on veiled female news presenters is lifted from State television in Egypt

03 September 1939: South Africa entered World War II