06 December 2017

Launching: Accessing Information - When Private Sector Performs Public Functions

SAHA's Freedom of Information Programme (FOIP) is pleased to announce the release of a new publication entitled:

"Accessing Information: When Private Sector Performs Public Functions"

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The guide is the latest addition to FOIP's steadily growing collection of training resources and publications. It was created to assist individuals and organisations that want to use PAIA to obtain information that relates to public functions, but is in the hands of private bodies. The guide situates this teaching within the context of an analysis of transparency in public-private partnerships.

This guide is the culmination of a project that was made possible with generous support from the Open Society Foundation (OSF). With this project SAHA has been able to push for better transparency in the private sector, while also supporting research by civil society partners such as OSF fellow Prashant Sharma.

SAHA gives permission for this guide to be used and reproduced, with acknowledgement, by all those seeking to better understand, utilise and comply with PAIA.

> Access the guide electronically