23 January 2017

Women around the world stand together!

On Saturday 21 March 2017 women and allies all over the world took to the streets in protest against the new United States president elect, Donald Trump. The march on the White House expanded to hundreds of cities who all stood in solidarity championing for equality, diversity and inclusion. This included a march in Cape Town. 

Women's march Washington

It is encouraging that so many people of different genders, races and cultures came together for this protest. The amount of art that has been generated for the marches is invigorating and beautiful.

One notable mention is the “We the people” series by an art collective backed by the nonprofit Amplifier Foundation. They were made available to download for free as long as it is not sold. These posters are pictured on the right. 

5 posters produced by the Amplifier FoundationSigns line the fence surrounding Boston Common after the Boston Women's March for America on Saturday. Some of those signs could end up in an archive at Northeastern U.Dwayne Desaulniers, AP Images

SAHA hopes that some of the posters are preserved by relevant archives in the regions where the protests took place. It is encouraging to see archival activism taking place. Such as the actions of design professor at Northwestern University, Nathan Felde. (full story here)

The plight of equality and autonomy for women has been fought a long time. The SAHA poster collection (AL2446) have posters which speak to this message.   


AL2446Women against abuse AL2446AL2446_1006AL2446


SADWU AL2446_1838 al2446_1751 A woman's place

Women in the struggle posters AL2446