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This theme introduces and explores the background to oral history, which focuses on the lives and experiences of ordinary people 'from below.'

Oral history provides value to our lives in more than one way - it enriches our education, enhances our understanding of heritage and helps the process of healing and reconciliation.

This theme will explore ways of approaching the past. This requires both hard work and commitment, and this theme will assist oral history research.

Interviewing can be challenging, and this theme covers useful techniques including how to gather background information, how to ask the right questions and how to be an effective listener.

This theme deals with two aspects of writing narrative for history: how to structure the material, and how to present the research.

This theme gives information and guidance for learners and educators wishing to participate in the competition, which is hosted annually by the Department of Basic Education.

Oral history is a very challenging subject for history educators to introduce to their learners, but the process can be very enriching for all involved.

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