Great People, Great Places of South Africa

Developed as part of the Sunday Times Heritage Project, this series contains six books that explore the history and heritage of South Africa. The first five books in the series contain stories of people and events from different historical periods. Some of the great people examined are Olive Schreiner, Mohandas Gandhi, Brenda Fassie and Nelson Mandela. The sixth book is a practical guide for both learners and teachers on how to conduct an oral history project.

The books include activities pages and lists of websites and reference books for readers to study further, as well as advice for teachers on how to use the information in the series. The books are useful for both school projects and classroom discussions and the information is concise and easily accessible.

Book one: Experiences of colonialism: 1852 - 1921

Book two: Stories of segregation: 1930s - 1951

Book three: Decade of defiance: 1050 - 1960

Book four: Era of mass resistance: 1960 - 1980s

Book five: Freedom and democracy: 1989 - 2004

Book six: Speaking our history together

Great People, Great Places of South Africa is published by Jacana

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