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Photograph of Precious Nleya

Theme: Meet the interviewees

Call Number: D22
Identifier: AL3291_D22
Title: Photograph of Precious Nleya
Date: 16 November 2010
Subject: Precious Nleya;
ZAPU through Zenzo Nkobi's lens;
Zimbabwe African People Union - ZAPU;
Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army - ZPRA
Description: This digital colour photograph of Precious Nleya was taken by Mary Ndlovu during the interview she conducted with Nleya for the South African History Archive (SAHA) as part of the ZAPU/Zenzo Nkobi oral history project on 16.11.2010. In her interview Precious Nleya mentions the journey to Botswana, training as the last group of women trained with men at Mwembeshi Camp, and her deployment to Francistown as an intelligence officer to identify spies. She also describes life at Francistown transit camp, and the attack on ZAPU offices in Francistown. SAHA virtual exhibition - 'ZAPU through Zenzo Nkobi's lens', 2012
Creator: Mary Ndlovu
Type: Photograph
Format: Access image - jpeg
Source: SAHA collection AL3291
Coverage: Zimbabwe
Rights: The South African History Archive (SAHA)
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