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This section discusses events leading to the formation of ZAPU and the political climate which necessitated such a movement.

This section talks about the early days of mobilising the liberation movement and the awakening of political consciousness among the freedom fighters.

This section discusses recruitment strategies employed by ZAPU and the journey to the different camps.

This section discusses matters pertaining to military training, operations and strategies employed by ZAPU in the struggle.

This section talks about the actual crossfire between ZAPU and the Ian Smith's government.

This section talks about alliances ZAPU had to forge with other organisations such as the ANC who were also fighting for a similar cause.

This section talks about the support ZAPU received from foreign governments who did not agree with Ian Smith's government.

This section talks about how the freedom fighters lived in the refugee camps, how they entertained themselves, how they kept safe against the enemy etc.

This section talks about challenges of administration in an environment threatened by security matters.

This section described how Joshua Nkomo took the decision to form a separate force for women and how they could best contribute to the struggle.

This section describes events leading to election day and ceasefire agreements.

This section describes the political climate after Zimbabwe gained independence.

This section chronicles Zenzo's life from birth till his passing in the mid 1990s.

This section features photographs of all the interviewees, except for those who wished to remain anonymous.

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