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Transcript of interview with Callistus Ndlovu

Theme: About Zenzo Nkobi

Call Number: B13
Identifier: AL3291_B13
Title: Transcript of interview with Callistus Ndlovu
Date: 06 July 2011
Subject: Callistus Ndlovu;
Front for the Liberation of Zimbabwe - FROLIZI;
Revolutionary Council;
International support;
ZAPU through Zenzo Nkobi's lens;
Zimbabwe African People Union - ZAPU;
Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army - ZPRA
Description: This is a transcript of the interview with Callistus Ndlovu, conducted by Mary Ndlovu on 6 July 2011 for the South African History Archive (SAHA) as part of the Zenzo Nkobi oral history project. As ZAPU representative in North America, Callistus Ndlovu focuses his interview on international support and discusses the countries and international organisations which supported ZAPU and the types of support received from them. He describes his role at the time of the FROLIZI split and gives interesting comments on support from Iraq and Libya, and the composition and role of the Revolutionary Council. The interview was transcribed by Mary Ndlovu. Included in SAHA virtual exhibition - 'ZAPU through Zenzo Nkobi's lens', 2012
Creator: Mary Ndlovu (interviewer and transcriber); Callistus Ndlovu (interviewee)
Type: Transcript
Format: Access copy - PDF
Preservation copy - PDF/A
Source: SAHA collection AL3291
Relation: AL3265
Language: English
Coverage: Zimbabwe, Iraq, Libya
Rights: The South African History Archive (SAHA)
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