SAHA in the Media - 2004

News of SAHA's work has been reported in South African and International Media in 2004 in the articles listed below:


'In pursuit of the record', SA Institute of International Affairs' 10/2004


'SA denied knowledge' Mail & Guardian;24/09/2004


'Swiss Arms Link Revealed' This day; 01/07/2004


'State Agencies punch hole in Act' Mail & Guardian; 18/06/2004


'Battle over TRC files postponed' This Day; 11/05/2004


'Poster exhibition lauds voices of the defiant' City of; 26/04/2004

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'Court papers say NIA held sensitive missing TRC files' This Day; 02/03/2004


'Pretoria high court battle to view secret documents' Mail & Guardian; 29/01/2004


'Fight over apartheid's secret files turn nasty' (court proceedings articles on 34 boxes) This Day; 29/01/2004


'Pinning down apartheid papers' This Day; 19/01/2004


'High court to rule on secret TRC files. Strange case of TRC files. Named list of informers who has no list at all' Sunday Tribune; 18/01/2004


'The Information Age' AVI Magazine; 2004


'Brave new law fails to liberate information' Mail & Guardian; 2004


Fight to have secret files released, Star, 29 January 2004.


Fight over apartheid's secret files turns nasty, This Day, 29 January 2004.


Hani, Palme and Basson files locked, Pretoria News, 29 January 2004.


A friendlier big brother?, Natal Witness, 30 March 2004.


Wysig wet ten einde inligting te bekom, Beeld, 17 June 2004.


Armscor, Swiss arms link revealed, This Day, 1 July 2004. 


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