22 March 2017

Images of Defiance Fundraising Auction

What might have started out as a somewhat chilly autumn evening on 21 April 2017, turned into an evening of warm nostalgic reflections punctuated with reflections from senior advocate, Dumisa Ntsebeza, who is also the chairperson of the SAHA board on the importance of the work of SAHA and a provocation from struggle veteran, Jay Naidoo that we can all do more as a collective and as country in the struggles for social justice. This set the stage for the auctioning of twenty posters reminiscent of the ongoing struggles for social justice that South Africa is still facing 23 years after democracy was attained. The posters on auction also form part of a publication, Images of Defiance: South African Resistance Posters of the 1990s, which was originally published in 1991. Two of these original publications, which were signed by Nelson Mandela, Jay Naidoo, Mosiuoa (Terror) Lekota and Jessie Duarte were also on auction.

Dedicated to the preservation and utilisation of records relating to historical and contemporary struggles for justice and accountability, SAHA is an activist archive that was established in 1988. Built from a core archive of records generated by the United Democratic Front (UDF) and its affiliates, SAHA is an unique independent resource which can be utiilised by everyone. SAHA's mission is to capture lost and neglected experiences of the struggle. This entails proactively accessing records through its innovative Freedom of Information Program (FOIP), and ensuring information and documentation is made widely accessible beyond the ambit of traditional, privileged archival spaces through its Struggles for Justice Programme (SFJP).