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Copyright and the APF virtual exhibition

While SAHA provides a key repository for a wide range of archival materials from the South African liberation struggle period and ongoing struggles for justice in South Africa, we are not the copyright-holders of these items. Therefore, we cannot issue copyright permission for reproduction of most archival materials held within our collections.

The majority of the materials contained in the APF collection at SAHA and used in this virtual exhibition were donated to SAHA by activists from the APF and their affiliates on the understanding that these materials would be made available in this way for educational and non-commercial purposes.

Similarly those activists interviewed in the course of the oral history project SAHA conducted on the APF were made aware of this intention and agreed to this when they signed the interview release forms for this project, in line with ethical research practice.

In the case of the limited number of items included in this virtual exhibition where copyright is held by other parties, SAHA has made attempts to secure copyright permission from the rightful copyright holders.

If anyone is able to provide further information about who participated in the creation, production and distribution of materials relating to the APF for which this information is uncertain and copyright ownership is unclear, SAHA requests that you contact our archives so that their contributions will be acknowledged in the historical record.

For more information on initiatives SAHA has undertaken around copyright of archival materials in South Africa, please visit the copyright page on SAHA's main website.



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