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July 2000
Formation of APF, Johannesburg.
September 2000
Launch of Johannesburg Inner City Forum (Hillbrow) and the APF's first newsletter entitled, APF Monitor.
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04 November 2000
Adoption of platform, Johannesburg.
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January 2001
Delegation to 1st World Social Forum (Porto Alegre Brasil).
September 2001
March on World Conference Against Racism taking place between 31 August to 8 September 2001 (Durban).
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30 November 2001
National Exploratory Workshop (Johannesburg - 30 November to 2 December).
06 April 2002
Kensington 87 March and protest (Johannesburg).
May 2002
Battle of Tembalihle (Tembalihle - May to June).
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24 July 2002
APF-LPM March on Land & Housing (Johannesburg).
August 2002
Formation of Social Movements Indaba (SMI), (Johannesburg).
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24 August 2002
Freedom of Expression March (Johannesburg).
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31 August 2002
WSSD Mass March from Alexandra to Sandton, Johannesburg.
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12 September 2002
Defence and Re- occupation of Kwa-Masiza Hostel ( Sebokeng – 12 to 14 September).
December 2002
Adoption of first Constitution (Johannesburg).
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15 February 2003
Anti-War Coalition March (Johannesburg).
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17 February 2003
1st National Summit of the SMI (Johannesburg Shaft).
22 February 2003
Funeral of Emily Lengolo (Orange Farm).
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May 2003
March on Growth & Development Summit (Johannesburg).
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01 May 2003
May Day Mass Rally – Meeting (Johannesburg City Hall).
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25 July 2003
SAMANCOR Retrenched Workers March (Vaal).
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August 2003
Phiri Water Wars against pre-paid meters (Soweto – August to September).
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13 August 2003
Education Rights Mass Meeting (Johannesburg City Hall).
22 August 2003
Mass March on Water (Soweto).
November 2003
Formation of Coalition Against Water Privatisation (Johannesburg).
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17 January 2004
Mass March over housing and service delivery (Sebokeng).
30 January 2004
World Social Forum (Nairobi, Kenya).
21 March 2004
Human Rights Day march at opening on Constitutional Court (Johannesburg).
April 2004
Adoption of National Elections Platform.
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09 August 2004
Mass Women’s Day Rally (Orange Farm).
06 January 2005
Evaton West People’s Inspection (Evaton West).
28 February 2005
Mass Demo at Local Government Summit (Benoni).
March 2005
Zimbabwe Observer Mission and Report.
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April 2005
Adoption of Local Government Platform (Johannesburg).
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20 April 2005
Launch of Wynberg Housing case at High Court (Johannesburg).
26 June 2005
Kliptown People’s Inspection (Kliptown – 26 to 27 June).
13 July 2005
Alexandra People’s Inspection (Alexandra, Johannesburg).
26 November 2005
Mass Funeral of Bongani Lubisi (Soweto).
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21 February 2006
Mass March on Local Government Issues (Johannesburg).
16 June 2006
Mass March on Education and Soweto Uprising (Soweto).
06 July 2006
Launch of Mazibuko (Phiri) Water Rights Case in High Court (Johannesburg).
August 2006
Launch of Rights Booklet (Johannesburg).
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16 August 2006
SAMANCOR Retrenched Workers March on pensions (Sandton).
September 2006
Orange Farm mass protests (Orange Farm - September to October).
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20 September 2006
Mass March on Housing with LPM (Johannesburg).
November 2006
Launch of REMMOHO Women’s Forum (Johannesburg).
04 November 2006
Launch of HIV/AIDS & Phiri and Pre-paid Meters research reports, Johannesburg.
21 March 2007
Human Rights Day march on Con Court (Johannesburg).
21 June 2007
Adoption of the final APF Constitution and Code of Conduct.
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14 August 2007
Mass Housing March in Boiketlong (Vaal).
03 September 2007
Asinamali Mass protests in Kliptown, Tembalihle, Protea South, and Vaal.
10 September 2007
Mass March on Service Delivery (Queenstown, Eastern Cape).
12 September 2007
Mass March on water in Rammolutsi, Free State.
08 November 2007
Mass March on Water and pre-paid meters to City of Johannesburg (Johannesburg).
17 November 2007
Launch of Africa Water Network and Mass March against pre-paid meters (Soweto).
23 April 2008
Mass March of Inner-City hawkers (Johannesburg).
30 April 2008
High Court ruling on Mazibuko water case (Johannesburg).
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May 2008
Formation of Coalition Against Xenophobia.
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24 May 2008
Mass March against Xenophobia (Hillbrow).
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28 August 2008
Mass March on Service Delivery in East London, Eastern Cape.
03 September 2008
Asinamali Protests and marches in Vaal, Alexandra, Tembalihle and Pretoria.
13 November 2008
Mass March by Schubart Park Residents to Union Buildings (Pretoria).
21 November 2008
All night protest vigil at Lindela Repatriation Centre.
12 February 2009
Mass Women’s March on Water (Johannesburg).
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16 June 2009
Mass March on education and service delivery with LPM (Soweto).
October 2009
Constitutional Court ruling on Mazibuko water case (Johannesburg).
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02 November 2009
Expulsion of three organisers (Johannesburg).
21 January 2010
Mass protest at NERSA Hearings (Midrand, Johannesburg).
14 April 2010
Mass March on Housing by Schubart Park (Pretoria).
June 2010
March on Opening of Soccer World Cup (Soweto).
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