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'Hear our voices'

Theme: Housing

Call Number: A1.9.4.7_20080712SS
Identifier: AL3290_A1.9.4.7_20080712SS
Title: 'Hear our voices'
Date: 12 July 2008
Subject: Anti-Privatisation Forum - APF;
Freedom Square;
Kliptown Concerned Residents;
Service delivery;
Sunday Star;
Description: This article titled "Hear our voices" appeared in the Sunday Star of July 12, 2008. The community of Kliptown in Soweto holds a special place in South Africa's liberation history - it was the site of the 'Congress of the People' gathering in the 1950s that led to the adoption of the Freedom Charter and also a place where Nelson Mandela hid from the apartheid forces. And yet, Kliptown has remained - in the post-apartheid period - one of the poorest and least serviced communities with a severe lack of housing and basic services (where the bucket system of sanitation continues). Most of the community struggles that have occurred have been led by the Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF) community affiliate Kliptown Concerned Residents. This picture and brief article relate to the ongoing contradictions of Kliptown, where a multi-million 'Freedom Square' has been constructed side-by-side with the grinding poverty of shack dwellers. Included in SAHA virtual exhibition - 'Transition's Child: The Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF)'
Contributor: Photographer: Cara Vierecki
Type: Newspaper article
Format: Access copy - pdf
Preservation copy - tiff
Source: SAHA collection AL3290
Language: English
Coverage: Kliptown, Soweto, South Africa
Rights: Sunday Star
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