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Water is no commodity : Away with prepaid water

Theme: Water

Call Number: 4976
Identifier: AL2446_4976
Title: Water is no commodity : Away with prepaid water
Date: November 2007
Subject: Anti-Privatisation Forum - APF
City of Johannesburg - COJ;
Coalition against Water Privatisation - CAWP;
Joburg Water;
Phiri Water Wars
Service delivery;
Description: This offset litho poster was produced by the Coalition against Water Privatisation (CAWP) and the text reads: "Water is no commodity : Away with prepaid water : In support of High Court application by residents of Phiri to test if prepaid meters protect the right to water". As part of the 'Phiri Water Wars' - which saw residents in Phiri in Soweto engaging in an intense battle with the City of Johannesburg/Joburg Water agaisnt the introduction of prepaid water meters - residents of Phiri, through the Coalition against Water Privatisation (CAWP), instituted a constitutional rights legal challenge in 2005. This poster was to mobilise CAWP members and other communities to participate in a march against Joburg Water in support of the case which was being heard in the High Court. Although the outcome of the legal case in the High Court saw prepaid meters being declared unconstitutional and the City of Johanneburg being instructed to provide additional 'free water', subsequent rulings by the Supreme Court of Appeals and then the Constitutional Court over-turned the High Court decision. Included in SAHA virtual exhibition - 'Transition's Child: The Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF)'
Creator: Coalition against Water Privatisation (CAWP)
Type: Poster
Format: Access image - jpeg
Preservation image - tiff
Source: SAHA collection AL2446
Relation: AL3290
Language: English
Coverage: Phiri, Soweto, South Africa
Rights: Coalition against Water Privatisation (CAWP)
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