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Contribute to the ECC25 Exhibition

In keeping with the nature of the ECC, the exhibition is intended to be participatory and we encourage people who were involved in the ECC to submit photographs (or other documents) for inclusion in this virtual exhibition by emailing SAHA.

Please include the following information in your email about each item you would like to be added to this exhibition:


File name of item / attachment:

Description of item:

Date of item:

Story / anecdote related to item:

Creator of the item:

Email of creator:

Telephone number of creator:

Please don't send other people's photos of ECC events or campaigns unless you have their permission to do so (and can provide their contact details to SAHA) as we can't put images up on the virtual exhibition without permission from the copyright holder.

It is important to be aware that by submitting items for inclusion in the virtual exhibition, insofar as you hold copyright for each item, you will be granting SAHA non-exclusive, royalty-free rights to use, reproduce, publish (including web publication), distribute and exhibit items submitted for non-profit, public heritage and educational purposes only.

Please feel free to contact Catherine Kennedy on 011 717 1973 should you have any questions about submitting materials.

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