Exploring the legacy of the 1913 Land Act in Driefontein, Mogopa and Braklaagte

During 2013 SAHA conducted an oral history and photographic project exploring the legacy of the 1913 Land Act in three communities in South Africa in order to mark the centenary of this act.

The three communities - Driefontein, Mogopa and Braklaagte – were all communities in which TRAC (Transvaal Rural Action Committee) of the Black Sash was active, particularly in relation to forced removals and forced incorporation into homelands. 

As part of this project SAHA developed exhibition kits for all three communities, drawing in particular on the historic images that were taken by activist and photographer Gille de Vlieg when she was a fieldworker with TRAC in the 1980s.

Each portable kit consists of:

·         Collapsible aluminium structure (2000 x 540 x 200mm)

·         2 image and text panels (2000 x 500mm)

·         4 image with caption panels (  2000 x 1050mm)

·         3 galvanised steel cables (3000mm)

·         1 mallet (for assembling the kit)

The panels and collapsible aluminium structure for each kit are neatly stored in two separate carrier bags that are easy to transport.

Learners engaging with the Land Act exhibition during a workshop in Mogopa, 2013Learners engaging with the Land Act exhibition during a workshop in Driefontein, 2013

SAHA welcomes community-based and educational organisations to borrow these exhibition kits for short-term events. While SAHA does not charge organisations for borrowing any of the kits, the borrower is, however, responsible for all costs associated with the transportation, installation and dismantling of the kit. The maximum loan period is 30 days, plus an additional 7 days before and after the load period for transportation (total of 44 days). 

The borrower will also be responsible for replacement and / or repair costs in the event of loss or damage. The borrower will be expected to pay a refundable deposit of R4500 prior to collecting the kit, which will be reimbursed in full when the kit is returned to SAHA in working order. (This requirement may be waived upon request).

For more information about the Land Act exhibition kits and how to borrow them, please contact archives@saha.org.za