The ECC25 Virtual Exhibition

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the launch of the End Conscription Campaign (ECC), the South African History Archive (SAHA) has developed this virtual exhibition to document how this campaign provided a united voice for young white South Africans opposed to an increasingly militant apartheid state. The launch of this exhibition coincides with a nation-wide series of events, throughout October 2009, to commemorate the history and achievements of the ECC. Details of regional programmes of ECC activities, as well as photographs, newsclippings, posters and anecdotes contributed by ECC members, are available on the End Conscription Campaign 25 website and on the Facebook Group - End Conscription Campaign 25 years celebration.

The energy of the ECC is exemplified in the poster art from SAHA's Poster Collection (AL2446) showcased in this virtual exhibition, largely designed and illustrated by unknown ECC members and supporters, students and community members. It is hoped that this virtual exhibition will do justice to the flurry of creativity inspired by their cause, and that it will stimulate a growing knowledge about the role of the ECC in opposing the apartheid regime, and more generally, about the dangers of state militarism.

The ECC25 exhibition provides a brief introduction into the background and goals of the ECC, its various campaigns within South Africa, as well as international solidarity that emerged for the anti-conscription movement in South Africa. It touches on the creative outpouring of music, theatre, art and writing associated with the ECC, and traces the escalation of repression as two States of Emergency were declared, through until the coming of democracy and an end to conscription in South Africa.

All the photographs and posters included in the ECC25 virtual exhibition can be browsed in a GALLERY, while all articles, correspondence, newsletters and other documents are accessible through the LIBRARY in the virtual exhibition. If users come across an document or image that spark memories, there is a comments section on each page to add views or anecdotes about the ECC to the virtual exhibition.

SAHA is very grateful to a number of individuals and organisations for allowing us to include materials either created by them or items in their custody in this exhibition, including Eric Miller, Paul Weinberg, Gille de Vlieg, Digital Innovation South Africa (DISA) and their partners, the Manuscripts and Archives Department at the University of Cape Town and Black Sash, and others who have provided us with stories and personal mementoes for this exhibition. This is intended to be a living, growing exhibition so please do contact us if you have materials you would like to see added to this exhibition.

ECC25 exhibition
If you would like to submit materials for inclusion in this virtual exhibition, please contact SAHA.