12 November 2008

FOIP Capacity Building Project: PAIA Workshops Commence

SAHA’s Freedom of Information Project: Capacity Building in the Community-based Sector (PAIA) has commenced a series of workshops that provide sustainable and long-term learning for representatives from key organisations in the Transitional Justice and Gender-based Violence sectors.

Three one-day workshops on using the Public Access to Information Act (PAIA) are being held over a period of six months for participants from the Transitional Justice sector and a second series of three one-day workshops will be held for representatives working for organisations concerned with Gender-based Violence.

The first workshop for the Transitional Justice sector was a great success with participants from Khulumani Support Group providing positive feedback about workshop activities and stating that their expectations on the amount they would learn were far exceeded.

The first workshops for the Gender-based Violence sector will be held on Wednesday 19 November.

These two series’ of workshops aim to provide sustainable learning for representatives from key organisations. SAHA’s methodology aims to build learning over a period of time so that PAIA can be implemented in a sustainable way into each organisation’s existing work.

SAHA also offers short 2 hour and half-day workshops to organisations/groups of individuals. These shorter workshops aim to offer an introduction to the Public Access to Information Act (PAIA). The availability of these workshops is dependent on resources. For further details please contact Charlotte Young.