23 July 2009

First GBV PAIA Network Meeting held

The first PAIA Network meeting was successfully held on Tuesday 21 July 2009 for PAIA Facilitators from the gender-based violence sector. The GBV PAIA Network has been established as part of SAHA's Freedom of Information Programme: Capacity Building in the Community Based Sector and is a platform for participants from this programme to continue learning and engaging with PAIA and ultimately improve its implementation for the benefit of the GBV sector.

The GBV PAIA Network was established during SAHA's final PAIA Training Workshop provided to the sector. A staff member from Tshwaranang Legal Advice Centre who is participating in the PAIA Shadow Mentor Programme has been appointed as PAIA Coordinator for the sector and is responsible for organising GBV PAIA Network activities and coordinating PAIA Requests.

The GBV PAIA Network will enable PAIA Facilitators from this sector to share experiences, continue learning through continued training sessions on a needs basis, support one another, improve collaboration and coordination of activities in the sector, increase the volume of disclosed information relating to GBV and improve advocacy strategies.

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