09 November 2012

R2K: Camping out for openness at Parliament

The Right to Know Campaign and in particular - Right2Know Western Cape - is planning a 'campout for openness' outside Parliament from 19 November.

According to R2K national coordinator, campaigners are planning to camp outside Parliament "day and night, for a week and will potentially extend up to 7 December".

Activities at the campout will include:

1. Engaging with MPs, every weekday morning  (08h00 - 09h30) and late afternoon 16h30 - 17h30);

2. Holding teach-in sessions each weekday, to workshop a variety of issues related to the free flow of information: from issues of    the Campaign, to movement building and broader questions of social, economic, and environmental justice;

3. Hosting people's parliament on topical issues with high profile speakers (including ministers and MPs) on the pavement of Parliament;

4. Watching progressive films and documentaries;

For more information visit the R2K website.