06 November 2012

R2K launches new ATI brochure

The Right2Know Campaign, in keeping with its mission to promote access to information, has produced a tool, to be used to strengthen its call for 'free information, full inclusion and fair process'.

The tool is intended to assist citizens to recognise the important role that access to information can play in the achievement of their advocacy goals and the protection of their rights.

The two page document highlights the dangers that could befall communities should the enabling right to information be taken away or overshadowed by secrecy and highlights the four pillars used by the campaign to promote the campaign's aim of free information, full inclusion and fair process, namely;

  • access to information;
  • fighting legislation like the secrecy bill that encourages secrecy;
  • media freedom; and
  • the protection of whistle blowers.


Download a copy of the brochure from the campaign site.