13 June 2013

Finally! The Department of Human Settlements complies with PAIA

In 2012 SAHA's Freedom of Information Programme in preparation for the Housing sector training submitted several PAIA requests to the department. After a 6 month battle, the Department of Human Settlements has finally complied with PAIA and released housing related records.



The records released include; housing lists, housing policies and allocated budgets.

These documents released by the Department answer several questions that are relevant to anti-poverty advocacy campaigns.

The Department provided a detailed list that describes its progress in delivering housing projects up to 30 June 2011. The list includes; current projects, on-site and planned projects, and anticipated projects.

Through it's annual report provided an figures for Human Settlement Development Grant Allocations from the years 2006/2007 - 2011/2012.

In addition, the Department provided its policies and procedures for selecting tenants for existing housing stock and selecting beneficiaries for new housing developments.


Copies of the released documents are available in the SAHA archive:


Freedom of Information Programme Collection: AL2878_A17.8.1