28 June 2013

SAHA hosts a successful educators’ training for history teachers

SAHA/Shikaya Educators' WorkshopThe ‘Facing the Past' 2-day educators' workshop was held on 26 & 27 June at Constitution Hill in partnership with Shikaya, an educational NGO which, among other things, is dedicated to the professional development of teachers.

The workshop used two case studies from the current school curriculum to introduce educators to a methodology for teaching history that cultivates students' awareness of the ways that society is shaped by the choices of individuals, and the role that they can play in the creation of a culture that values human rights, diversity and peace. These seminars/workshops are also aimed at sensitising educators and learners about using lessons learnt in history to foster human rights in a democratic dispensation. 

The training formed part of a series of educational workshops run by SAHA for history educators with an aim to build capacity in order to teach apartheid history to young minds and how to use lessons learned in the past in shaping our future.

There has been a significantly positive feedback from teachers who've attended this and past SAHA workshops. This particular one was so successful that it attracted participants from other sectors such as law students and college lecturers.

"The methods used during the workshop enlivened things and definitely destroyed the stereotype that history is boring. Copies of these DVDs should be made available to teachers for use in the classroom," said Tendai Gwete, a lecturer at Africa House College.

Another participant had this to say, "I have always battled to teach this section. As a result my learners did not enjoy it. I felt quite flat and unmotivated I even considered quitting teaching. But now I feel empowered and inspired to persevere. I feel like I have direction and focus. I feel enthusiastic!" Theresa Maneli, Parktown Girls' High School.

Lindiwe Mabuza, an educator at Lofentse Girls High School partly shared Theresa Maneli's sentiments, "I was able to pick up different methods of teaching my students which I found very interesting and motivating."

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