31 May 2013

SAHA youth exhibition on display at St Stithians College Cultural Festival

St Stithians youth viewing the Future is Ours youth exhibitionSAHA's exhibition kit on the role of youth in the making of democracy, titled ‘The Future is Ours' has been on display at the St Stithians Boys' College as part of the school's cultural festival during the last week of May.

An annual event, this year's festival takes the form of an outdoor film festival, during which a selection of short films, from comedy to experimental is showcased "to introduce the St Stithians community to new art forms" in their aim "to celebrate the best of culture". Hosting the youth exhibition as an integral part of the festival also serves as the school's commitment and support of commemorating Youth Day next month.

Easily accessible in a prominent space on the campus, the youth exhibition has proved popular with staff and students alike, sparking not only interest and discussion amongst the St Stithians school community, but with visitors to the school and the festival as well. For one staff member in particular, Rev. Daniel Nkomo, who is the school chaplain, the exhibition brought back memories of his own involvement in the struggle - years during which, he tells, he also collected many struggle posters and t-shirts.

St Stithians College is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. The Boys' College archive has played an active role in making its valuable archival collection available for research for a documentary on the history of the school and the Grade 8 history students have also been accessing the archive's extensive photograph collection to tell the story of the school as part of a research project to mark this milestone occasion. SAHA wishes to congratulate the school on its 60th anniversary.

SAHA exhibition kits

SAHA developed thematic exhibition kits to commemorate key events in South African history, such as the role of women in the struggle. The kits are available to, among others, educational institutions and community-based organisation. They are available on loan from SAHA. 
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