12 September 2014

Support SAHA during Heritage Month - for FREE!

The MySchool fundraising programme is celebrating their 17th birthday in September and they are donating R17.00 to SAHA every time a new person signs up and selects SAHA as one of the beneficiaries. This promotion is only running for the month of September 2014 so please sign up for a MySchool card now – it’s FREE - then select SAHA as one of your beneficiaries. 

One of SAHA's key objectives is to recapture lost and neglected histories and to record aspects of South African history in the making. Signing up for your new MySchool card during Heritage month is a great way you can show your support for SAHA and help ensure that this important work can continue.

Help us to hit our target of 1000 supporters on MySchool. This will amount to around R5000 per month for SAHA, which will enable us to fund one of our internships for recent graduates,  reprint 100 copies of one of our publications used to support history and human rights education, or get a new exhibition kit printed for loan to communities to celebrate commemorative events.

View some of SAHA's current and past projects.


Happy birthday MySchool!

What is MySchool?

MySchool is South Africa's number one fundraising programme and raises millions every month for schools and charities. The system supports more than 10 000 schools, communities and NGOs and has 2500 retail partners nationwide. 

Every time you swipe your card at any of MySchool's partners outlets, they'll make a donation, on your behalf, to the cause you choose at absolutely no cost to you!

Every swipe counts!

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