07 April 2015

Grace Trinity School for Girls incorporates SAHA's Bill of Rights exhibition in Human Rights Day activities

Closer to home, Grace Trinity School for Girls made exceptional use of SAHA’s Bill of Rights exhibition kit as part of their Human Rights Day celebration in March 2015. The exhibition formed an integral part of activities performed by all grades, from foundation phase to seniors, around the understanding of human rights.

Collage of students at Grace Trinity School for Girls discussing SAHA's Bill of Rights exhibition, March 2015. Image credit: Grace Trinity School for Girls

“The exhibition looks great and all are enjoying it!”

- Lauren Swan, History educator at the school.

Swan gave an illuminating account of the learner activities and how they incorporated the exhibition in each of the activities: 

“The intermediate phase was given a word search and some questions and the high school girls were given a crossword puzzle to complete after they went through the exhibition. 

The senior girls were tasked with being 'tour guides' for the exhibition and had to add to the exhibition too. Each senior girl had to choose a right that resonates with them and research the way in which that right was abused in the past, create a poster and a 1 minute 'speech' about the violation to talk about as they took the girls through your exhibition.”

The school’s enthusiastic and innovative way of using the Bill of Rights exhibition demonstrates how SAHA’s exhibitions kits could be put to effective use in the classroom.  

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