02 April 2015

Invitation: Report Launch - Riding the transitional roller coaster

 As part of a multi-year documentation project on the South African Constitution, SAHA will be launching a report reflecting on over 30 hours of interviews conducted by Dale McKinley for SAHA in 2014 with various leaders and activists entitled:

 "Riding the transitional rollercoaster:
the shifting relationship between civil society and the Constitution in post-apartheid South Africa".

Civil Society and the South African Constitution. SAHA.
The report will be launched at Constitution Hill at 5:30 for 6pm on Thursday 23/04, in advance of Freedom Day, with a presentation of the key findings of the report by Dr McKinley, followed by a panel discussion on the possible implications thereof for civil society organisations moving forward.

Facilitator: Verne Harris (Nelson Mandela Foundation)


When: Thursday, 23 April 2015, 17:30 for 18:00

Where: Women's Jail, Constitution Hill

RSVP online or by email to info@saha.org.za, or by phone to 011 718 2560 (spaces are limited so please RSVP early)


Brief overview of the Civil Society and the South African Constitution project

The aim of this project is to explore the changing relationship between civil society and the South African Constitution (as part of a broader SAHA archival collection project on the Constitution in advance of 20 years of the Constitution in 2016). The research involved conducting desktop research to identify and analyse both academic / legal materials written over the past two decades on civil society's commentary on, and interactions with the Constitution, as well as outreach/advocacy about the Constitution, developed by civil society over the same period.

Around 30 hours of interviews with civil society activists and community leaders were also conducted, to explore the following: 

  • The impact of the Constitution on the work of civil society;
  • The changing attitudes towards, and levels of trust in, the Constitution;
  • The extent to which the Constitution is accessible to civil society as a tool for transformation 

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