08 July 2016

An Intern reflects: Working in the SAHA archive

The outgoing SFJP intern Chavonne

Chavonne (right) archival intern and Nonhlanhla (left) archival assistant

For the past six months I was fortunate enough to work as an archival intern at SAHA. Although challenging at times, I found that my work at SAHA allowed me to acquire skills that I would be able to use in future work settings.

As an intern I was introduced to various archival practices. My daily responsibilities consisted of me responding to archival queries and working on the current SAHA poster project. Although I enjoyed learning about digitisation, record-keeping and preserving archival materials, I believe that the highlight of my internship was taking part in workshops.

"...the highlight of my internship was taking part in workshops."

It was during these workshops, specifically the struggle t-shirt and TRC workshops, that I was able to see the importance of archiving materials. I found that these materials (the struggle t-shirts and TRC-related newspaper articles, cartoons and videos) represented the past injustices of the apartheid era and how it still affects future generations.

I found these two workshops extremely powerful because it was during these times that the archival team could interact with students and teachers and discuss the importance of history in relation to existing social issues. 

Even though I enjoyed the various archival activities, I believe that my experience here would not have been as enjoyable if it was not for the support of the archival team. I believe that it was through their help and guidance that I became confident in my archival skills. I want to wish the SAHA team all of the best and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this team!

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