26 April 2016

INVITATION: Workshop on teaching the TRC (repeat)

Drawing on the SAHA publications The battle against forgetting: human rights and the unfinished business of the TRCBetween Life and Death: Stories from John Vorster Square, and the SAHA / SABC Truth Commission Special Report web portal, the aim of this workshop is to:

    SAHA in the Classroom
  • Empower history educators to critically examine the TRC and the role it played in healing South Africa and in nation-building
  • Provide educators with a more in-depth understanding of the concepts, principles and workings of the TRC
  • Build on educators' knowledge of the TRC through engagement with content and concept development, mastering skills of teaching, and exploring human values in order to promote a humane approach to teaching the TRC
  • Engage with a variety of different sources, including written sources, cartoons, film and witnesses' testimonies
  • Explore the moral lessons that can be learnt from the TRC process and consider the ongoing implications of the unfinished business of the TRC. Teachers will be encouraged to deal with topics sensitively in order to develop humane and aware learners

Date: 7 May 2016 (Saturday)

Time: 9am to 1pm

Venue: The Old Fort at Constitution Hill (next to SAHA offices)

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Alternatively, you are welcome to RSVP by email to info@saha.org.za or by phone on 0117182560.

NOTE: This workshop was also held on 16 April 2016 but some teachers were unable to attend and have requested we repeat the workshop while the TRC exhibitions which form part of the #TRC20 programme are still on display at Constitution Hill.


#TRC20 Programme.

To mark 20 years since the first public hearings of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) on 15 April 1996, the South African History Archive, in collaboration with the Human Rights Media Centre, the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre, Khulumani Support Group (Western Cape), the Ahmed Timol Family Trust, and Constitution Hill, will be hosting a series of public exhibitions, film screenings, panel discussions and workshops aimed at raising awareness around ongoing justice and accountability issues in relation to the unfinished business of the TRC.

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