TRC Collections

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Reflecting SAHA's commitment to justice and accountability in South Africa, SAHA has actively collected archival materials relating to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). Many of these collections came to be housed at SAHA through The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Archives Project, a joint archival project undertaken by SAHA and Historical Papers at Wits between 2003 - 2006.

For information on other archives housing materials relating to the South African TRC, please consult the TRC Archival Audit Report.


> AL2446 :: The SAHA Poster Collection
> AL2922 :: The Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) Project Collection
> AL2924 :: The Sally Sealey TRC Collection
> AL2985 :: The TRC Oral History Project
> AL3059 :: The Dealing with the Past Conference Collection
> AL3060 :: The State vs. P.W. Botha and Appeal Collection
> AL3061 :: The Auditor-General Reports on the Accounts of the TRC
> AL3062 :: The Office of the Public Protector's Synopsis of Cases regarding Complaints involving the TRC
> AL3063 :: The Documents relating to the TRC Special Hearings on Health
> AL3065 :: The Brian Currin Collection
> AL3066 :: The TRC Faith Hearings Collection
> AL3068 :: The Verne Harris Collection
> AL3093 :: The Wendy Watson Collection
> AL3097 :: The Foundation for Equality Before the Law Collection
> AL3098 :: The SADF Contact Bureau TRC Submission
> AL3101 :: The Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal TRC Submission
> AL3102 :: The Amnesty International (AI) TRC Collection
> AL3103 :: The Institute for Healing of Memories (IHOM) TRC collection
> AL3110 :: The CSVR TRC Collection
> AL3115 :: The Jane Argall Collection
> AL3116 :: The Janet Cherry Collection
> AL3117 :: The Laura Pollecutt Collection
> AL3118 :: The Gilbert Marcus Collection
> AL3119 :: The Sheila Meintjies and Beth Goldblatt Collection
> AL3120 :: The Fiona Ross Collection
> AL3121 :: The Julian Knight and Rudolph Jansen Collection
> AL3123 :: An Interview with Adriaan Vlok by Bernard Spong
> AL3125 :: The Challenge of Reconciliation: A Response of Church and Lay Persons to the TRC
> AL3126 :: The Confession and Reconciliation: A Challenge to Churches in South Africa [Conference]
> AL3128 :: The Christelle Terreblanche Collection
> AL3129 :: The Zapiro TRC Cartoon Collection
> AL3130 :: The ANC Submission to the TRC
> AL3131 :: The COSATU Submission to TRC
> AL3132 :: The IFP Submission to the TRC
> AL3134 :: The Iphepha Ndaba Newsletters from the Khulumani Support Group (Western Cape Division)
> AL3135 :: The Gertrude Fester Collection
> AL3136 :: The Charles Villa-Vicencio Collection
> AL3137 :: The Mark Behr Collection
> AL3140 :: The TRC Submission concerning the Relevance of Economic, Social & Cultural Rights to the TRC's Mandate
> AL3141 :: The Human Rights Watch (HRW) TRC Collection
> AL3142 :: The NGO Working Committee on Reparations Collections
> AL3143 :: The IDASA Sound Recordings relating to the TRC
> AL3456 :: The Walter Felgate Security Papers