Audiovisual Collections

Audiovisual Audit Report 2009 - cover imageWhile SAHA does not generally collect audiovisual materials, collections that include video cassettes or DVDs donated alongside other archival materials are listed in this category.

For more information about other archives holding audiovisual material relating to the liberation struggle in South Africa, please consult SAHA's Audiovisual Audit Report on the South African Liberation Struggle


> AL2421 :: The Natal Indian Congress (NIC) Collection
> AL2432 :: The SAHA Slide Collection
> AL2554 :: The Christian Institute of SA Collection
> AL2556 :: The Human Awareness Programme (HAP)
> AL2686 :: The Indian Community in the Transvaal
> AL2948 :: The Lucia Raadschelders Collection
> AL3022 :: The Bart Luirink Collection
> AL3165 :: The Zackie Achmat, Jack Lewis and Treatment Action Campaign Political Papers
> AL3280 :: The Forgotten Voices of the Present Collection
> AL3282 :: The Sunday Times Heritage Project (STHP) Collection
> AL3289 :: The Mafela Trust collection
> AL3290 :: The Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF) collection