Posters and Photographs

This offset litho poster in yellow, red, orange, green and blue was issued by the Vumani Preschool Project with the message that our children are the flowers of the future, date unknown.These archival collections contain posters, primarily struggle posters produced in the 1980s, and A substantial number of photographs taken in the 1980s by photographers who formed the Afrapix Collective, or photographs commissioned by the International Defence and Aid Fund (IDAF).


> AL2424 :: The Johannesburg Democratic Action Committee (JODAC) Collection
> AL2446 :: The SAHA Poster Collection
> AL2540 :: The SAHA Ephemera Collection
> AL2547 :: The SAHA Original Photograph Collection
> AL2548 :: Jo'burg City, Whose City?
> AL2564 :: The Five Freedoms Forum (FFF) Collection
> AL2566 :: The PLANACT Collection
> AL2686 :: The Indian Community in the Transvaal
> AL2924 :: The Sally Sealey TRC Collection
> AL2939 :: The Morice Smithers Collection
> AL2948 :: The Lucia Raadschelders Collection
> AL2991 :: The Patrick Fitzgerald Collection
> AL3138 :: The David Forbes Collection
> AL3165 :: The Zackie Achmat, Jack Lewis and Treatment Action Campaign Political Papers
> AL3265 :: The Zenzo Nkobi Photograph Collection
> AL3274 :: The Gille de Vlieg Photographic Collection
> AL3283 :: The De Wet Potgieter collection
> AL3288 :: 'Voices from Below’: An Oral and Photographic Community History of Tembisa Project” Collection
> AL3290 :: The Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF) collection
> AL3291 :: The ZAPU/Zenzo Nkobi Oral History Project Collection
> AL3293 :: The Netherlands Institute of Southern Africa (NiZA) Collection
> AL3294 :: The Land Act Legacy Project Collection
> AL3295 :: The Constitution Hill Trust Collection
> AL3296 :: The Shifty Records Project Collection