Trade Unions

Offset litho poster 'Workers Unite, One Country, One Federation', 1985

These collections either contain the materials created or collected by particular trade unions, or images of various trade union activities, particularly from the 1980s.

The Original SAHA Collection (AL2457) contains a substantial selection of documents relating to trade union federations, including FOSATU and COSATU, as well as materials from over 60 trade unions.

The SAHA Poster Collection (AL2446) includes a number of COSATU posters from the 1980s and early 1990s.


> AL2420 :: The South African Tin Workers' Union (SATWU) Collection
> AL2446 :: The SAHA Poster Collection
> AL2457 :: The Original SAHA Collection
> AL2540 :: The SAHA Ephemera Collection
> AL2547 :: The SAHA Original Photograph Collection
> AL3080 :: The Noel Stott Collection
> AL3156 :: The Urban Research Services Collection
> AL3182 :: The NAMDA Collection
> AL3296 :: The Shifty Records Project Collection