UDF Collections

Poster calling for the release of Nelson Mandela.Reflecting SAHA's history as an archive established by UDF affiliates, SAHA has a significant range of UDF materials, including documents, posters, photographs and ephemera in its archive. These collections include materials relating to the formation of the UDF, various UDF affiliates, events, campaigns and publications from across the country.

For more information on the UDF, please browse the UDF Virtual Exhibition developed by SAHA and the Nelson Mandela Foundation. This exhibition contains details of SAHA archival materials, organised into thematic areas relating to the UDF's history.


> AL2424 :: The Johannesburg Democratic Action Committee (JODAC) Collection
> AL2425 :: The South African Youth Congress (SAYCO) Collection
> AL2431 :: The United Democratic Front (UDF) Collection
> AL2446 :: The SAHA Poster Collection
> AL2457 :: The Original SAHA Collection
> AL2460 :: The Julie Frederikse Collection
> AL2540 :: The SAHA Ephemera Collection
> AL2547 :: The SAHA Original Photograph Collection
> AL2566 :: The PLANACT Collection
> AL2921 :: The Jean De La Harpe Collection
> AL2956 :: The Emilia Potenza Collection
> AL2957 :: The Ismail Vadi Collection
> AL3013 :: The Barbara Hogan Collection
> AL3065 :: The Brian Currin Collection
> AL3073 :: The Merle Favis Collection
> AL3080 :: The Noel Stott Collection
> AL3109 :: The UDF Working Group on International Relations Collection
> AL3116 :: The Janet Cherry Collection
> AL3117 :: The Laura Pollecutt Collection
> AL3182 :: The NAMDA Collection